Your Brand Beacon Program

Everyone knows branding is essential. But did you know it’s not just about your logo and colors?

Whether you realize it or not, your brand has a voice, and what you write on social media and your website tells your audience about who you are as a business. If you’re a solo business owner, you might think your brand voice is just your voice – but that shouldn’t be the case. Your audience expect and want to hear from you in a certain way, and if they don’t – they just won’t engage with you as much, and your content won’t sound compelling to them.

If you’ve heard about brand messaging or brand voice at all, you probably have assumed they are only for the Fortune 500 companies. But the truth is, you are putting a message out about your brand every day, in all your content. And you’re doing it in a voice that your audience is learning about with each new video, live, IG post, or question on Facebook.

Thinking about your brand messaging and voice allows you to literally

have control of the narrative.

Your narrative. By thinking about and developing a brand mission, a brand promise, a brand vision for the future, and brand goals, you will never run out of content ideas By analyzing and confirming your brand values and personality, you will recognize what differentiates you from your competitors and what about you draws in your ideal audience.

If you’re constantly putting out new content but struggling to gain followers or even likes and comments, then working on your brand messaging and voice could be exactly what you need to hone your content so that it’s a beacon for your business.

Interested in joining Your Brand Beacon program? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • a 6-week program where we work together to create your brand vision, mission, promise, and goals
  • a formal analysis of your current brand voice, together with an analysis of the general voice used in your industry. You’ll see whether you stand out or blend in with your competitors and why
  • a FAQ of your brand – we’ll analyze the questions you get asked frequently (what do you do? how much does it cost? why should I work with you?) and create perfectly crafted responses that you can plug in whenever you need them
  • an elevator pitch, bio, and any other snippets you use often enough to not want to create them from scratch every time
  • your brand’s Origin story – every business has an interesting backstory – and if you don’t think you do, you just haven’t found it yet! I’ll help you create a long and short version of your Origin story to use in content, whenever you’re being interviewed or discussing what you do with clients. It’s a great part of why you’re different from your competitors, and keeping a well-crafted version of it on hand to pull out last minute can be invaluable
  • a word and phrase bank – that you can use when you create your own content
  • a this not that list – analyzing what you’re not is just as useful as defining what you are when it comes to differentiating yourself. We’ll look at what you want to be by clarifying what you want to avoid, both in your voice and in what you do
  • a Trello board (and/or Googledoc) that keeps all these easily accessible from your phone or laptop. You can choose to add other brand elements like logos, color codes, fonts, headshots etc so that everything you need for your brand is available in one place

Your Brand Beacon Program is $749 or 6 weekly installments of $160. I’m currently booked until November for the 6 week program, but do have a couple of spots available in the fast track VIP day version. For $999, we can get all this work completed in one day, so that you’re ready to start creating content that follows your brand message from the get-go. Ready?

If you’re interested in booking a slot in the Your Brand Beacon Program, then complete this form and I’ll be in touch with more information.