Welcome to my site. If you registered for the Level Up Your Business Online Summit, I can’t wait to see you there!

If you’ve already listened, and are excited by the freebies I’m offering, then let me dive right in, so you can find out how I can help you.

Freebie #1

5-day Business Blog Writing Challenge

Great timing! I’m starting a FREE 5-day challenge in a pop-up private Facebook Group on May 4, 2020. If you struggle to get blog posts out when you say you will and end up fiddling on Canva late into the night, or you don’t even dare look at your post once it’s up in case there are any typos, then this challenge will make you see blog posting in a whole new light!

We’ll spend 5 days working through all the components of writing a killer blog post, one you’ll be proud to share on social media and that will attract your ideal clients and have them searching you out. Once you understand the workflow, you should be able to batch all your blog posts and content in a similar way, and, just as I highlight in the Online Summit, once you can do that, you can identify the parts of the process that you would prefer to pass to an expert.

This challenge is for everyone from newbie writers to those who are used to writing their own posts but struggle to get it all done as quickly as they’d like. It’s a private FB group and the goal is to practice sharing posts and engaging with other business’ social media content in a way that extends your reach. You WILL have homework, and you WILL be expected to promote yourself in this group, and to support each other as you do so.

Freebie #2

Edit your blog posts audit

I’m giving away FIVE free Edit Audits (try saying that when you’ve had a glass of vino!) to attendees of the Summit. Normally costing $50, these audits analyze your style of blog writing. You give me 2-3 examples of published blog posts, and I pour over them and provide input on how you can improve your writing (or editing before posting) to polish them up so they catch your audience’s attention.

Freebie #3

content focus session

These 1-hour sessions are basically direct input to my brain (I’ll try my best to dislodge the Outlander binge-watching and replace it with my copy knowledge before we chat!)

We can live edit a piece of content you’re working on, plan your goals for the next month’s content, or work on fundamentals like pinning down your ideal client, their problems, and what solutions you offer.

Normally costing $100, I’m offering a limited number of these for $50 to the first TEN Summit attendees who apply. If you’re not sure what to do next with your content, this is a steal – we can get so much done in an hour (or 2 blocks of 30 minutes if you prefer) and move you into a place where you’re ready to get excited about your content because you know what to do next.

Check out my Content Focus Session page for more information and to get in touch to book one. Mention the Summit when you book, and I’ll let you know if you made it into the first 10 or not.