Content Focus Session

Do you want to write your own content, but struggle with what topics to write about?

Maybe you’ve spent hours on a new blog post or email, but it feels – off, somehow, and you can’t put your finger on why.

Let me help you find the focus you’re missing – whether that be high-level like your goals and a content calendar, or a lower-level action like tidying up your writing on one piece of content.

For just $250, get the focus you need to burst through your content problems

How it works:

  • Send me your copy, or a note detailing what you need help with at least 48-hours before our session
  • We chat on Zoom about the one area you need to focus on and create an action plan. If you provide a draft of a piece of content, we can edit it together live on the call. If you provide copy or content to audit, I’ll make suggestions and we can live edit if you’re ready to do that
  • After the call, I send you a recording, any content we agreed I’d edit, and an action plan for how to move forward