Learn to nail voice – the first time, every time
so you never have to hear the words,
‘um, it doesn’t sound quite like me’

An hour of videos that help you use FREE tools you’re probably using anyway – to uncover your client’s brand voice and check drafts sounds like them BEFORE you hit send let’s get that first draft right

Uncover Voice

Learn about your own writing voice – and how to change it to match your client’s style.

Create a Process

Use the tools to create your own process to identify voice, that you can explain and justify with clients

Use Free Tools

Use free editing tools to understand and replicate style choices

From Writer to Brand Strategist

Increase your value to clients (and your invoices!) by providing them with trusted advice about how they should use their brand voice to create consistent, strong messaging and stand out from their competitors.

Let’s get that first draft right Brand Voice Basics Training