Learn to Nail Brand Voice - the first time, every time

so you never have to hear the words, ‘um, it doesn’t sound quite like me’ again

An hour of videos that help you use FREE tools (you’re probably using anyway) — to uncover your client’s brand voice, reduce writing time, and check your drafts nail their voice BEFORE you hit send.

Let's get that first draft right

Uncover Voice

Learn about your own writing voice – and how to change it to match your client’s style.

Create a Process

Use the tools to create your own process to identify voice – that you can explain and justify to clients.

Use Free Tools

Use free editing tools to understand replicate style choices.

Become a Brand Strategist

Increase your value to clients (and your invoices!) by providing trusted advice on how to use brand voice to create strong, consistent messaging and stand out from the competiton.

Ever had that 'sweaty hands' feeling when you've turned in your first draft and you're waiting for feedback?

Hoping to hear ‘wow, this is amazing,’ not, ‘um, it’s not quite right’?

Do I really need a course to use free tools?


I can tell you right now, the tools I recommend are Grammarly and ProWritingAid. Go dig around in them right now and over time you could probably figure a lot of this out.

But, if you do grab this 4 module course, within the hour you’ll know:

  • What exactly voice means and how to explain it to your clients
  • how to present yourself as a strategist and not just a writer
  • the sneaky settings hidden deep in the free tools that allow you to analyze voice
  • the 3 pieces of content you MUST analyze if you want to wow your clients
  • how to create a standardized Voice Sample so you can pull useful data from the tools
Brand Voice Basics Training
“Gill gave me THE tool to never lose confidence in my copy. Simple, easy and practical. And I think every copywriter should make this (Gill's process) a part of their writing process. It'll save you from a lot of copy revisions.”
Fatima Zohora
"Brand voice is something that I'm still mastering in my business. I've taken other courses that were all just fluff and no exact science on how to reverse engineer it and your course is definitely 10X better!
The Copy Tea, A Copywriting Studio
"I recently carried out some VoC work on a project that I had worked on. I am so pleased with the results. I highly recommend if you want to learn more about becoming more aligned with your client's voice."
Leanne De Araujo
Calmer Copy

With 4 modules (and a bonus one on how to analyze voice when your client doesn’t have much written content)

this is THE brand voice course you need to confidendly nail voice in under one hour.

Let's Get That First Draft Right

I promise it'll be a good one!