Got some grammar and typo questions you need answered real quick?

Unlimited Voxer Access:

  • style guide disagreement
  • client questioning your grammar
  • unsure how to document branded assets
  • check punctuation or grammar issues in context
  • did Grammarly get this right?!

Ever sat and stared at your draft, knowing 'something' isn't right, but you're not sure what?

It sounds a little clunky, and you know your English teacher would have put a big red score through it.

Even worse, you need to get the copy out into the world. Whether it’s for a client or it’s your own sales page or article you’re hoping  lands you more clients, you know it needs to be right.

While you can hire me to fully edit your drafts (and I love to do that) sometimes you just need a quick check-in.

  • do you capitalize after a semi-colon?
  • how does tense work when you’re telling a story from the past?
  • Grammarly says that word needs a typo but you reallllly don’t think that’s true
  • should you add periods at the end of bullets?

So check in with me on Voxer instead. I’ll be your editor in your pocket – just send me your info by voice text or in writing, and I’ll reply within 24 hours (on a Monday – Friday 9-5 MT schedule, I’m not a robot!).

What you can do – send me unlimited Voxers (no new ones until the last one’s been answered).

What you can’t do – sneakily have me edit an entire document by sending it sentence by sentence. Need a document fully edited? Check out my services.

It took four minutes for Gill to solve my editing problem. I’m working on a book and in just a few pointed comments, she provided guidance that not only gave me confidence to move forward, but the exact process to implement it. She’s incredibly good and I’m kicking myself for not calling her sooner.
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copywriting