I'm an editor . . . and a copywriter

Working as a copywriter means I understand how it feels to slip up with a typo.

And I also know that clients expect perfectly polished copy from a premium service.



I know that dreaded feeling of submitting an important piece of copy and . . . 

. . . waiting for your client’s response.


 In the heat of the draft, you felt as if you invented the most amazing, it-will-make-them-buy copy.

But after you hit send? You panic that maybe it was just a little too out-of-the-box.

  • did you remember all the VOC
  • did you slip out of their brand voice and into yours?
  • did that amazing analogy you came up with actually make sense?

I also know how frustrating it is to watch someone rewrite a sentence that you carefully crafted for maximum impact.

Or hear how their English teacher told them you can’t start a sentence with “And” so you need to take that out. Do you even know what you’re doing!?

Whether you want me to write your copy for you, or want me to check your copy so you don’t hit those dreaded questions in the copy walk-through, my head is full of ways to make sure copy is clear and compelling, and helps a business stand out from their competition.

I was an attorney, then an editor, then a copywriter, then a copywriter's editor . . .

Yup, it’s a long story!

I’m from Scotland originally, but now I live in Boise,  Idaho

Fave drink – it’s fizz all the way!

When I’m not working you’ll find me biking or skiing (depends on the season) in the Boise foothills

It took four minutes for Gill to solve my editing problem. I’m working on a book and in just a few pointed comments, she provided guidance that not only gave me confidence to move forward, but the exact process to implement it. She’s incredibly good and I’m kicking myself for not calling her sooner.
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copywriting
Gill took me from eyes glazed over eyes from staring at my own copy to shining a perfect spotlight on the areas I missed. She had an eye for keeping with my voice, tone and message in the forefront of her suggestions in a way that was fast and easy to understand. If you need a quick win with your copy, go chat with Gill right away. 
Sarah Talbert

An attorney's eye for detail meets a storyteller's creative spirit, and they walk into a bar . . .

After moving to the US in 2009, I focused on family for a while. When I was finally ready to start working again, there was one thing I knew.

I wasn’t going to sit the bar. Not with a 2-year-old home most of the time and a kindergartener to boot.

So I looked at what I could do. I started editing for fellow fiction authors, and that led to helping them write their websites.

And that led me to discover copywriting, which I delved into with a passion. 

As an attorney, one of the things I loved was listening to a business owner and understanding what made their business tick and what they needed in their contract. It didn’t matter what they did, I wanted to understand the nuts and bolts.

And that is very similar to what a copywriter does!

Now I get to write with a bit more flair and creative license than when I created contracts, thankfully!

And I quickly took it full circle and started editing for copywriters. 

Because it didn’t take me long to learn that, just like with brand voice, we are rebels with a cause, intentionally breaking the rules to help our clients stand out.

Gillian is fantastic to work with. My team needed help building a voice and style for our company. We struggle to communicate with several types of audiences who are at different levels of understanding. She quickly grasped exactly who we needed to be, was able to explain concepts easily and succinctly, and brought together all of the elements for us. Each time we've met with her, my team walks away feeling empowered. We've been able to put her skills to use and are seeing results via less friction with customers, more relatable content, and smarter communications.
Kristen Skinner
Brand & Communications Manager, Idaho SIF
Gill's writing skills, strategic direction, and general bad-assery helped us double the conversion rate on a sales funnel, launch a successful win-back campaign, and improve sales on multiple landing pages! Gill wrote email campaigns, sales page copy, and created a brand voice guide for this client. Every time we work together, I know I will be getting professional, high-converting copy from Gill.
Michelle Puccinelli
Marketing Director, Team Johnson

Need some copy created - or polished? Hit me up and let's chat about what you need.