The big picture of your content

Blog Writing Basics – part 2

Imagine the content your business creates as pellets being fired from a shotgun. If you walk into a room and spin around, shooting randomly, there will be a scatter of pellets that hit everywhere.

Now picture your Ideal Audience as a circle on one wall of that room. Did your content hit your Ideal Audience? Some did, probably. But a lot of it wasn’t relevant for them or didn’t appear where they consume content.

Before you create any more content – think about where that circle is on the wall, and be sure to aim for it. That way, even if your shotgun of content produces a scatter across the wall, most of it will land in the circle. Later in the process – at part 5 on editing, we’ll discuss how to refine that process so even more hits the circle..

Big picture strategy is one of the hardest things for businesses – not because it’s hard, but because it takes time, and because they are normally already creating wealth of content, and just want to keep doing what they’re doing. To take an audit of what you’re doing, and then analyze why, takes time and causes you to pause on your content creation. It feels like a backward move.

But I promise that if you do the big picture strategy session – picture the whole room that your walking into, and find that wall that is your industry, and then that circle that is your Ideal Audience, then you can focus your content so that the time you do spend on it gives you a much better return on your money.

And who is your Ideal Audience? If you assumed it was your Ideal Client, think again. And check out my next post to find out more about how to identify who you are really writing for.

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Starting May 4, I’m running a 5-day challenge in my Blog Writing Basics private FB group. Want to join? I’ll be covering many of the things I write about in this series, but in more detail. Our goal is to support each other in a private, safe space, to post content and also to practice engagement on each other’s posts. We’d love to see you!