Business Blog Writing Basics

If you’re a small business owner who either contracted out your blog writing or never thought about it at all, you may be tempted to roll up your sleeves and do your own content creation in these current times.

You have more time. Or less money. Or a bit of both. But how hard can it be, right?

Turns out, it’s not that hard to put something up on your blog. Something your clients want to read, something a potential client finds when searching Google, well that’s a whole different matter.

I’m about to start a 5-day challenge on writing a killer blog post on my FB page Blog Writing Basics. I believe most small business owners can do their own content creation, if they have the time and the desire. Once you’ve mastered it, you may decide you want to contract out some parts. The writing, if you can afford it. Other parts like posting to social media, or editing and polishing, more likely.

Strategy, however, is something you should always have a hand in, even if you hire a consultant or get support. Posting motivational quotes you found in an $11 content calendar won’t cut it. And while I can’t go into great detail about that strategy in just 5 days, I will be posting more about it in that FB group after the challenge is done.

In the 5 day challenge I’m going to cover:

– WHAT to write about and how to plan your content (Strategy)

– HOW to write your posts (Outlining and First Drafts)

– REASSESS your content (editing)

Are you ready? Head to the group now, or jump to the other posts in this series for more information!