Do you have your website goals? Before you start writing, read this

Writing your own website copy can be hard! If you want to get started first, think about your website goals. These can range from:

  1. persuading customers to load items into their cart and checkout
  2. contact you using an automated booking service
  3. educate ideal customers who are still early in the funnel, and obtain their email address

Knowing what your goals are will make it so much easier to decide what content you need on your home page, completing your buttons with Calls To Action, choosing images and videos, and deciding how long any page needs to be.

It’s not uncommon to have more than one goal, especially if Ideal Customers from different parts of your sales funnel might visit your website. Identify the most likely Ideal Customer to visit any page, focus on them as your bullseye (you’re most likely to hit the target if you aim for the center) and write toward the goal you have for that Ideal Customer. Make sure different pages cater to your Ideal Customer in different parts of their journey, so that everyone can gain something from your site. To decide which Ideal Customer to use – think about how each will land on your page. From an internet search page? From a link on social media? From your business card? Knowing where people land on your site, where they are on the buyer’s journey, and what you want them to do once they land on that page are keys that will make the words flow much, much easier!

Happy writing!