polished copy that's clear and compelling

For copywriters and content writers who are tired of competing on price and want to offer a premium service

You’re a damn good copywriter — and you want your clients to see that!

Not get stuck pointing out a spelling error or questioning why your bullets don’t have periods. 

Or even worse, telling you it doesn’t sound ‘quite like them’ and asking for a rewrite without any constructive feedback on what to change.

If you’re a copywriter or content writer — you’re used to breaking a few rules. In fact, it’s what you get paid for!

copywriting goals:

  • to keep the reader moving. The next sentence is all that matters!
  • to pull the reader in so that nothing else can distract them
  • to use VOC and brand voice to get those readers nodding their heads
  • to convert readers into buyers

client goals:

  • For them to focus on how we’re selling, not that we spelled something incorrectly
  • To show we’re a premium service provider with a process (and a team)
  • To wow them with our words
  • To justify our pattern interrupts and out-of-the-box ideas, not scare them off with our creativity

Whether you need a copywriter who can sound just like you so your website makes more sales . . . or you are a copywriter and need an editor to check you nailed your client’s brand voice, I’m here to help

If you’ve ever used a proofreader to check your copy before hitting send, then you’ll know that they will check for typos . . .

. . . but that’s about it.

If what you’d love is someone on your team:

  • As a second set of eyes
  • To check that out-of-the-box metaphor actually lands so your client’s business is viewed in a new light
  • Someone who knows AP style like the back of their hand and also knows when a copywriter should avoid it like that client who’s going to get their English teacher of a sister to ‘check’ your draft
  • To give you the confidence that you followed that copywriting formula, brought in VOC, and stayed in brand voice from beginning to end of the copy
  • Yes, to check for typos and grammatical inconsistencies that will make it hard for the reader (because I’m a type 1 at heart – but it will come with a compliment sandwich, I promise!)
  • As a copy chief if you want, to take a step back and be sure you’ve assembled the copy in the best possible way for conversion
Then We Need to Chat!

Hey hey, I’m Gill!

As a copywriter who specializes in brand voice, I love to create copy that helps brands stand out from the competition.
And as an editor who also works as a copywriter, I’m deep in the trenches with you. I know the feeling when a client insists you use a period at the end of every cross-head so it’s ‘proper’ English.
Want to know how I ended up being an editor AND a copywriter? Why, it’s one of my favorite stories to tell . . .

Kathy Young

owner and lead copywriter, Rekindle Communications

"Gillian is my (not so) secret weapon, my second set of eyes, the wind beneath my wings…basically, she’s an essential part of my process at this point."

Since she’s a copyeditor and a copywriter, it makes me feel at ease knowing that with every edit, she’s keeping best copy practices in mind.

And whenever I’m feeling stuck on a creative concept, Gillian helps me find the throughline. She also cheers me on with heart emojis which are the best. As you know, writers can be chronically self-deprecating *nervous laughter* so it’s always nice to have someone reassure you that you’re on to something good.

If you’re looking for someone to just dot your i’s and cross your t’s, don’t hire Gillian. If you’re looking for a creative partner who challenges you to become a better writer in the process, well, you know what to do.

The Ethical Move Pledge

Commited to making marketing more transparent, responsible, and honest

Certified Brand Voice Specialist

Working through this detailed 6-week program on brand voice changed how I work fundamentally! Everything I do now is passed through a filter of brand voice.

Active Allyship Certification

In 2022 I completed a 6 week on what it means to be an Active Ally, integrate true anti-racist and meaningful social justice practices into my business

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