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Helping you write the content your customer craves

Is writing the content for your website keeping you up at night?

Are you the kind of business owner who normally feels confident in their writing? Were you sure you could save some money writing your own content, but it came out generic and bland and you’re ashamed to let anyone see it?

Maybe you hired a web developer and confirmed you’d write the copy, but you never have time and it’s still sitting on your to-do list, delaying your launch.

Let me take this off your plate!  I’ll shine a light on what you do and how so that your website is a beacon for prospective clients. You’ll love handing out your business card once your content is complete, polished, and bringing clients to your door.


Clear, compelling copy to keep your customers reading.

What word help do you need?

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If you want to keep creative control, I hear you! An editor who is a step further from the process can find the gems in your draft, make them sparkle, and make sure your copy is ready to see the light of day.



Do you hate to write content?  I can hop on calls with clients from the beginning and charm your client into telling me all the secrets that will make their website copy sparkle. Alternatively, I can work behind the scenes, supporting you as you deliver projects with seamless design and copy that will make your clients sing your praises to all who will listen.


Write My Words Please!

If you're looking for someone to write your website copy or provide fresh content for your site, I'm here to help.

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If your website is chock-full of words, but you're not really sure why they are there or how they're helping you get business, then I can move you from confused to relieve. Let me audit your content, edit some directly if we have time, and provide you with guidance on how to rewrite the rest yourself so that browsing your site becomes a delight, not a chore.



If you have any other writing or editing needs, I can help. I write emails, newsletters, blog posts and articles, and I'm just as happy tidying up your drafts as chatting on the phone to obtain a feel for what you want and writing it myself.

You're ready to hire me; what happens next?

First, we talk

I can chat until the cows come home; I love to dig in and learn about you and what your business are doing. And I've heard my Scottish accent makes it easy to stay on the phone and listen to my questions! But never fear, we'll only talk for as long as is necessary for me to find out what I need from you.

If I'm doing any writing or auditing, we'll hop on a call first so we can establish goals, deadlines and deliverables. I'll send you a questionnaire first, but we'll complete it together on the call.

If you're using my workbook to write your own copy then never fear, you still get to hear the sweet lilting of my voice! You'll receive a webinar to watch while you complete the first part of the workbook, which will help you outline in just 30-45 minutes. Once that's complete, you'll be able to flesh it out into a first draft to send to  me.

Then, I work the magic

Whether I'm writing your copy for you or editing something you've written, I'll have my head down and fingers will be a-tapping as I make those words sing, all to a deadline we've agreed upon.

How's it looking?

Each package (or any bespoke arrangement we make) comes with an unlimited number of revisions within a certain time period; I want to be sure that the copy reflects your goals and your style, and we'll work to get it where it needs to be as fast as we can. 

Who am I to work with your words?

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Hi, I'm Gill!

Reading and writing are my bag, always have been. I started my career as a corporate real estate attorney, which involved persuading people with words, and I've never stopped since. I've worked with a variety of small businesses and web developers and helped craft clear, compelling copy that showcases what they have to offer to their customers.

"Gill has allowed me to confidently put my work out there."

Paige McLeod, owner of Glean + co

I knew roughly what I needed my lead magnets to say, but needed some serious help getting them cleaned up. Gill was not only great at editing the actual words (and offering alternate suggestions along with constructive feedback) but gave me some amazing ideas on how to further push the envelope. Gill has allowed me to confidently put the work out there. I would (and will!) absolutely hire her again in the future.


Gill Hill Writing Services


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